Just what is Weekend Gladiator?  Well I am glad you asked.

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Weekend Gladiator is (or was) a free online game.

You can chat with other players, and challenge them to a fight in the arena. Or practice up by fighting computer controlled gladiators.

The story was set in the current year. Basically it was like an underground fight club where you could shed off your working clothes and become a gladiator to relieve some of your stress you may have picked up from your day job; be you a lawyer, clerk, housewife, or whatnot.

This game went into beta test not to long ago, and the test went great.  Too great if you can believe it. Within a month the game became so popular that the server was bogging down, and bandwidth charges were getting a bit too high.

So I took the game down, and down it stays. Until I can find sponsors to pay for a more powerful server, and the time to devote to this.

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